All of our work involves a Landscape Architect or Designer. This professional is hired by the client and is usually external to Bluewagon (Bluewagon is not a design/build firm).  These pro's are necessary to help with initial design as well as on-going issues and decisions.

However, some clients believe that once a design is complete, and construction is about to commence, that the architect or designer is no longer needed.  In most instances, it is a mistake to believe design is complete once construction begins. Despite the notion of a fully baked plan being in hand, there are a lot of work-in-progress decisions to be made and a lot of issues that a Designer/Architect is best equipped to solve.  It's not unusual for new field constraints to emerge or for clients to re-prioritize scope.  Further, although you think you are buying only design, you are also buying construction methodology and, in many cases, a coordinator of civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering.  Minimizing your Architect's or Designer's time will probably not save you money and may result in a incoherent aesthetic upon completion. 

So the reasons to hire an Architect/Designer and to retain them throughout construction are as follows:

  1. Initial Design, Plan, and Budget prioritization
  2. Hire and coordinate engineers or otherwise address technical problems 
  3. Create construction ready documents and plans
  4. Solve work-in-progress issues that arise in the field 
  5. Chose materials still undecided or subject to new budget priorities
  6. Inspect construction and advocate for quality
  7. Interface with engineers and permitting officials (if applicable)

If all else fails, call Spock :)